FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Hectic schedules often leave little time for fitness, but Fort Rucker's physical fitness centers now offer a new service to help make a healthier, active lifestyle more attainable.

Well Beats, a service billed as a virtual presentation and live experience, offers a wide range of formats customizable with various intensity levels and time lengths through video instruction.

"Not everyone can spend one or two hours in the gym," Lynn Avila, fitness programs coordinator, said. "We understand life can be busy, especially for military families. Well Beats allows patrons to find the format that works best for their fitness level and schedule.

"Participants can select the intensity level that works best for them," she added. "If you haven't been to the gym or worked out in a while, then Well Beats can help you get back into a routine. Maybe you are in good shape and simply want to push yourself to the next fitness level? This program can help you reach that goal."

Well Beats is accessible Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30 a.m., Wednesdays from 10:45-11:45 a.m. and Fridays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at the Fortenberry-Colton PFC throughout April. However, the schedule is subject to change from month to month.

"We are simply attempting to introduce the program to the community," Avila said. "Each class will initially have a fitness instructor present in addition to the Well Beats virtual instructor."

According to Avila, the format for each class will be chosen by the instructor and participants will have the opportunity to sample what the program offers.

"The fitness specialist leading each class will choose the format," Avila said. "This will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the program and get answers to any question they might have about the program or fitness in general."

Avila said she hopes to expand the program's availability in the future to provide a more robust group fitness offering to the post community.

"There really is something here for everyone," she said. "The program offers formats for youth, young adults, older adults and pregnant women. It covers activities ranging from yoga and dance to weight training and cardio. If you are looking for a new fitness routine or a way to get back in shape, this program can help you find a method that works for you."

According to Avila, the program offers more than a dozen different fitness formats customizable to fit 20, 35 and 50-minute time frames. Formats will be updated quarterly.

"The ability to select different time lengths for the workout will allow everyone to find the time for fitness and to decide what works best for their individual goals," she said.

Group fitness schedules are available at the front desk of both PFCs or online at http://

For more information, call 255-3794 or 255-2296.