FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Fort Rucker is a valuable resource for many local businesses, but those looking to solicit on post are reminded to go through the proper channels to do so.

Solicitation, as it pertains to Fort Rucker, is any business that is regularly coming on the installation for business transactions, which includes multi-level marketing companies, such as Mary Kay or Avon, according to Julia Gillhouse, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation management analyst, and in order for people to solicit their business on post, the proper permits must be obtained.

"For people to be able to solicit on post, people need to fill out the solicitation application, in addition to several other things that may be required," she said. "It varies depending on each applicant.

"For example, those who live on the installation need to apply through their resident neighborhood office for written approval from Corvias Military Housing before getting approval through us," said the management analyst. "If you're Department of the Army civilian or active-duty military, you must acquire an outside employment memo through your chain of command, in addition to other permissions."

Although solicitation is allowed on post if the proper permits are obtained, door-to-door solicitation is strictly prohibited.

All solicitation must be by appointment only and must not be during duty hours, said Gillhouse, adding that if a person who has a solicitation permit is found violating the rules and policies, it's possible that their permit can be revoked.

Additionally, solicitation may not be conducted en masse -- group or captive audiences -- and any literature pertaining to a business may not be distributed throughout the installation, which includes flyers and business cards, except to the person approved solicitors have a scheduled appointment with.

For a full list of rules regarding solicitation and contact information, visit

"If someone files a complaint against (a solicitor), I'd reach out to the individual and let them know that a complaint was filed against them and issue them a warning," said the management analyst.

"If a person has gone through the process and are approved, but don't follow the process, they can have their permit revoked," said Donna Clancy, DFMWR operations officer, adding that the rules are in place to help protect residents on the installation.

"This is in place to protect our Soldiers and families as far who is permitted to conduct business on the installation," she said. "This helps ensure that people can't just come onto the installation and solicit without going through the proper approvals and process."

Gillhouse said since the issuing of permits varies with each individual, people with questions pertaining to what they are able to do should just ask. For more information, call 255-9331 or 255-3711.