The 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support hosted the Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention Foundation Course for 38 victim advocates from the Army Reserve and Active Component.The SHARP Foundation Course was 80 hours in duration and served as a proactive initiative to prevent sexual harassment and assault throughout the Army Reserve and Active Component.Ms. Sharon Shields, the 3rd MCDS SHARP Program Manager said, "Training can help reduce the occurrence of sexual harassment and assault, our goal is prevention as opposed to reaction. We're teaching people to intervene wisely to prevent sexual harassment and assault."The SHARP training included several lessons, two assessments, an expert's panel, and a capstone assignment. Each task was designed to bring understanding on how to prevent sexual harassment and assault in the Army and what to do in the event that either of the two incidents should occur.Maj. Robert Bethard, a healthcare systems manager from the 382nd Medical Company and SHARP Foundation Course Graduate said, "It bothered me to hear the horrible cases of sexual assault in the military and I wanted to get that changed to where the Army is the model for a safe work environment."Bethard is not alone. 37 additional victim advocates will return to their various units and make a positive impact in their hometown by training their teams on how to prevent sexual harassment and assault.3rd Medical Command Deployment Support is a senior deployable medical command and control headquarters, providing support to U.S. Army Africa and U.S. Army Central areas of operation. The division provides support and technical supervision for more than 6,515 soldiers and civilians located in 21 states and Puerto Rico to prepare and provide trained and ready soldiers and units to U.S. Army Reserve Command for mobilization. Capabilities include health care specialists, X-ray technicians, ophthalmology, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, dentists, surgeons, and veterinarians.