Army Materiel Command Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche visited the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command headquarters Jan. 12 to meet with Surface Warriors and learn more about SDDC's mission.

This is the first time Wyche has visited the SDDC headquarters, located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, since assuming the AMC Deputy Commander position April 10, 2015.

Wyche said his visit was focused on identifying how he can assist SDDC with its operational mission.
"SDDC does great things, moving the world," said Wyche. "I'm here to help you in providing the best support."

During Wyche's visit, SDDC Commanding General Maj. Gen. Kurt Ryan and senior staff officers briefed him about the command and explained the intricacies of SDDC's surface transportation mission.

In addition to meeting with the Surface Warriors of SDDC, Wyche also met with the deputy commander of U.S. Transportation Command, Lt. Gen. Stephen Lyons, to discuss SDDC's unique partnership with the functional Combatant Command. While SDDC is a major subordinate command to AMC, it is also the Army service component command of USTRANSCOM.

Prior to departing, Wyche took the opportunity to tour SDDC's G3 Operations Cell where he received an operations update and met with operations director U.S. Navy Capt. Aaron Stanley.

"It was a privilege to have General Wyche visit Scott Air Force Base and SDDC Headquarters," said Stanley, adding, "AMC entities are critical partners, enablers and even customers, so we were extremely fortunate to be able to discuss operations with him, as well as opportunities for improving the means by which we take the Army to war."

Headquartered at Huntsville, Alabama, AMC provides superior technology, acquisition support and logistics to ensure dominant land force capability for Soldiers, the United States, and our Allies.