Meet Your Army: 597th sergeant, three brothers, currently serve in Army

By Mr. Zack Shelby (597th Transportation Brigade)January 17, 2017

Meet Your Army: 597th sergeant, three brothers, currently serve in Army
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Meet Your Army: 597th sergeant, three brothers, currently serve in Army
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Sgt. Jharrod Evans, cargo specialist with 597th Transportation Brigade's 842nd Transportation Battalion at Beaumont, Texas, has served in the Army for more than six years.

While that narrative is common, there is much about Evans' plight that is anything but ordinary.

In addition to having aunts and uncles who either have served or are currently serving in the military, Evans is the third oldest of four brothers -- all of whom currently serve in the Army.

From oldest to youngest, Franklin Evansscott, 28, Armond Evansscott, 26, Jharrod Evans, 24, and Davonte Evans, 23, make up the quartet and they have used competition to push each other growing up, as well as within the Army infrastructure.

"My oldest brother (Franklin) held the PT (physical training) record at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, so I wanted to push myself as much as possible to get better," Jharrod said. "Males like to complete."

Jharrod didn't wait around to test himself. Instead, he graduated high school early, went to Basic Combat Training at Jackson, and also graduated early as a transportation driver from Advanced Individual Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

He then went back to his high school for graduation as the only member of his senior class decked out in Army dress blues. He was interviewed and featured by the Salisbury Post in North Carolina.

"It was wonderful," Jharrod said of being featured in the Salisbury Post. "Through Basic (Training) and AIT I was recognized as being one of the outstanding Soldiers so being able to come back to high school as a U.S. Army Soldier in my dress blues uniform, I felt it was a great achievement and accomplishment -- seeing the looks on everyone's face and having people congratulate me. I definitely had a little less hair on my head, but it was great. I loved the experience. I'm sure it gave other kids motivation and drive, 'If he did it, why can't I?'"

Jharrod added that the military isn't for everybody.

"You've got to want to do it," he said. "It's up to you. You have to discipline yourself."

The Evans brothers have proven to all "want to do it" and while they engage in brotherly competition, the three oldest siblings have also served alongside each other at different points in their Army careers.

In fact, Jharrod served with his two older brothers, Franklin and Armond, on the same deployment in Afghanistan during his nine-month deployment stretch spanning 2012-2013 with the 936th Port Management Team based in Perine, Florida, near Miami. Following the deployment, the three brothers were all stationed together with 597th's 841st Transportation Battalion at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, prior to Jharrod's arrival to the 842nd.

Learn more about Jharrod from the Q&A below.

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: It was a mixture between North Carolina, South Carolina, and Miami, Florida.

Q: What inspired you to join the Army?

A: My two older brothers were already in on the "buddy system" and I wanted to join as well and make a name for myself -- and prove that I can do it.

Q: What were your goals before joining the Army and for your future?

A: My goals were to graduate high school, join the military, get promoted as fast I could, get a deployment under my belt, and buy my own car. All the things I listed I have achieved. One of the things I want to achieve now is to buy a house. Military-wise, I want to either be a drill sergeant, recruiter, or career manager. My ultimate goal is to do 20 years in the military, retire and then go into something else. I would like to live comfortably with my future family, wife, and kids. We have a big family and we're really close so I'd like to have a family and house of my own one day.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: I look up to my brothers and definitely my mom (Tabatha) and dad (Franklin Sr.). You can't ever forget your past -- things that you've been through and places that you've come from. The past is one thing that pushes me to do better and go further.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not at work?

A: Outside the military, I love working out. I've always been motivated to work out because I was always a small, skinny guy with a big 'ole head. I love to eat more than anything. I'll eat anything. In our family, we all have a fast metabolism. I could finish eating and 20 minutes later, I could eat the amount of food I just ate, again. People tell me they wish they had my metabolism. I like to work on my car. I most definitely love to spend time with my family. I should have mentioned that first.

Q: What's something people might not know about you?

A: I'm big into music. My brothers and I are all into music. I'm into R&B. Also, Davonte and I are planning to add "scott" to our last names so we'll all have the "Evansscott" last name.

Q: Any kind of music or particular song that moves you?

A: There's a song called "Love" by Musiq Soul Child. If I had to choose a favorite song, it's that one.

Q: What's important to you? How would you describe yourself?

A: I feel like you should take care of Soldiers -- not just work-wise or military-wise. I'm a willing person. If I know something, I'm willing to help. If I don't, I'm willing to learn.