The U.S Army Human Resources Command website has undergone several updates in the past year that give users several options when it comes to searching, viewing and getting alerted of updated information.

The site also went responsive several months ago, meaning users will be able to successfully view and interact with the site on different devices.

"The HRC website is a place where Soldiers, veterans or really anyone can go to search for information any time of the day or night," said Lt. Col. Janet Herrick, public affairs officer, HRC. "We have a great search feature and different customization options because we are constantly looking to provide better avenues to the information we have available."


MyLinks is a feature that gives users the ability to be alerted any time a wepage is updated.
Waiting on some points to publish? Waiting on a Milper announcing the next promotion selection board? MyLinks is a way to be alerted the moment a page is updated.

Users can choose to select whether they would like to bookmark the page, get an email update every time the page is updated, or do both. Users can use any email address for the alerts.

To set up your MyLinks, go to the "My HRC" tab in the top menu bar. That tab will bring you to a screen with ten suggested webpages to add to your MyLinks. Those ten suggestions are the most visited webpages from the previous month.

This same screen is also where a user can go to delete any alerts and bookmarks they have set.

On the individual webpages, there is a green circle with a white cross inside it. Clicking that circle will bring up the option for bookmarking and getting an email alert.

On the My HRC page is a "profile' tab. This tab offers users the option to change the theme and color scheme of the site any time they are logged in.
DS Login

The HRC webpage also allows users to login in with a DS login, which means Soldiers in the field could view selection results on their smartphones.

"The DS Login is a good thing to have and a good thing to know because since we've made the website responsive and you can use it on your mobile phone, not very many people have CAC readers for their tablets or phones but with the DS Login you can log in and you can look at those CAC-protected pages," said Scott Patterson, HRC website product line manager, Personnel Information Systems Directorate, HRC.

There are added benefits to have a DS Login is that it can be used to access multiple to access different websites across the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Additionally, the DS Login can also be used by veterans, spouses, some family members over 18 years of age, and former spouses who are DoD beneficiaries.

More information about the DS Login can be found at