DAEGU GARRISON -- John R. Hahn, winner of the Stars and Stripes Pacific 2016 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes donates his winnings to those in need in the Area IV community. The Shopping Spree was held at the Camp Walker Commissary on the morning of 18 November.

Hahn is the deputy support operation officer, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command won a $1,000 shopping spree at the Camp Walker Commissary. He had three minutes to fill as many shopping carts as he could.

"I was surprised, I've never won something like that," said Hahn. "It came in a good time because if it happened in June, I do not know what would I need. My refrigerator is not big enough to hold a lot of food. So this was good that it coincided with a good holiday where I could take advantage of that and donate that food." Soldiers and KATUSAs from Headquarters, and Headquarters Company United States Army Garrison Daegu were in attendance to cheer Hahn on during his shopping spree.

As the event started, Hahn directly rushed to the frozen meat section and carried dozens of turkeys and hams to the cart. During the last 30 seconds, he ran to another aisle and swept canned goods into his last cart. As a result, he filled three carts full of turkeys, hams and canned goods. The total value of groceries was $999.96 and a $1,000 Defense Commissary Agency gift card was used for the Shopping Spree.

Hahn donated all of the food to the Area IV Chapel.

"I don't need the food," said Hahn. "My wife just went on holiday and I couldn't eat all those turkeys in a year. So it made more sense to donate to the people that are less fortunate. I think it would be good thing to get a nice Thanksgiving meal for free."

After the event was over Hahn reflected on his winning moment.

"It was good, I enjoyed it," said Hahn. Everyone was very helpful. I think the chaplains were appreciative for me donating everything so I thought it went pretty well. "Actually it [the three minutes shopping spree] was longer than I thought. Because I thought maybe one run for the turkeys and back and maybe just a couple of seconds for the can goods, but I was able to do two."

Many families in Area IV got a special meal during the holidays because of Hahn's generosity after his big win.