HAWTHORNE, Nev. Aca,!" Brig. Gen. Larry Wyche experienced his first taste of Hawthorne Army Depot when he visited on February 10.

Wyche became the commanding general of the Joint Munitions Command last August and also serves as the commander of the Joint Munitions and Lethality Life Cycle Management Command.

The general is touring JMC installations to, as he put it, Aca,!A"meet the good people and see the great things they are doing in support of our warfighters.Aca,!A? Wyche brings more than 25 years of combat command experience to the ammunition mission.

Accompanying Wyche on his visit were Col. Yolanda C. Dennis-Lowman, commander, Tooele Army Depot; Joe Warring, HWAD installation advocate from JMC headquarters JMC; Capt. Matthew Hill, aide-de-camp to Brig. Gen. Wyche, and Dirrick Sterdivant, an intern in the headquarters Armament Retooling Manufacturing Support program office.

The group visited many of HawthorneAca,!a,,cs notable features, including the new water treatment facility under construction, Black Beauty Reservoir, several of the storage buildings, two of the operating buildings at the Western Area Demil Facility, and some of the depotAca,!a,,cs many training ranges. The visitors also received an overview of the Marine Corps Test Program and saw testing operations on their ranges.

Wyche said that the visit gave him Aca,!A"an opportunity to experience more than he had expected.Aca,!A? When asked about what he found most interesting at Hawthorne, Wyche commented on the fact that with the remote location, he was amazed and grateful for the dedication of HWAD employees. He also noted how Afghan-like the surrounding terrain felt.

Wyche specifically wanted the depot community to know that they were Aca,!A"doing a magnificent job supporting the warfighters.Aca,!A? He added, Aca,!A"Never doubt you at HWAD are making a difference to our warfighters. IAca,!a,,cve been on the ground in Afghanistan and IAca,!a,,cve seen the look in the eyes of troops receiving a critical ammo air drop. Our warfighters understand their lives are on the line and they appreciate your efforts.Aca,!A?

Special Insert:
Location: Hawthorne, Nevada
Commander: Lt. Col. Kimberly Gilbert-Mason
Mission: Hawthorne Army Depot receives, stores, re-warehouses, preserves and packages, monitors,
renovates, demilitarizes and disposes conventional ammunition; issues conventional munitions; insures capability to ship/receive containerized munitions; operates calibration lab, maintains an International Standards Organization container maintenance/repair facility and maintains an ammunition maintenance capability. HWAD is the designated site for long-term storage of reused industrial plant equipment and will receive, store and be accountable for all industrial plant equipment.
Fact: The landscape at Hawthorne is dry, rocky and desolate, consisting of 147,000 acres of valleys and mountains. Units from the Army, Navy, and special operations receive training at HWAD.