WIESBADEN, Germany -- The recent truck attack in Berlin, coupled with other attacks or attempts in Europe, highlights the continuing threat of terrorism to all of us.Holiday markets and celebrations, transportation hubs, and other events with large crowds may increase the potential for attack.Everyone should maintain a high level of situational awareness and apply appropriate measures to reduce the risk of a terror attack, such as shopping during non-peak hours, avoiding areas near vehicle access points, and minimizing time spent in unsecure areas of airports and other mass-transit nodes.Immediately report suspicious activity, and ensure two-way communication with your unit and family for accountability.Enjoy the holidays and your time in Europe, but exercise caution and stay vigilant. Visit www.eur.army.mil/TravelSafe for updated information and additional resources.As a reminder, EUCOM requires DoD personnel to register their home location and travel destinations in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program at https://step.state.gov.It is also recommended to follow the U.S. Army Europe Antiterrorism Division on Facebook and Twitter at https://www.facebook.com/StaySafeAntiterrorism and https://twitter.com/staysafeeurope to help #StaySafeEurope.