Army Substance Abuse Program staff members are inviting the community to show support for "3D (Drunk and Drugged Driving)" Awareness Month through the Tie One On for Safety Red Ribbons Campaign.

ASAP has partnered with the Directorate of Emergency Services during this holiday season to inform the Fort Leonard Wood community about the risk of impaired driving. ASAP staff want community members to not only consider that drunk driving is dangerous, but to focus on drugged driving, which is driving under the influence of both legal and illegal drugs.

According to staff members, people have to consider that over the counter, prescription, and illicit drugs can impair driving ability. Drugs, even those prescribed by a physician, can impair perception, judgment, motor skills, and memory. Drunk and drugged driving can result in tragedies and loss of life.

During the holidays, many Americans enjoy "holiday cheer," which involves consuming alcohol at parties and holiday events.

Officials are encouraging community members to make smart choices and have a plan before consuming alcoholic beverages. One sure method, is to prepare to have a driver or money for a taxi ride home.

DES and local law enforcement agencies will continue to safe guard the community with increased patrol awareness of impaired drivers throughout the season.

ASAP is sponsoring two outreach tables with impaired driving simulators during the month to show how motor skills are effected by alcohol and drugs.

Red Ribbons are available at front desk of Army Community Service, Building 486, throughout December to show support for 3D Month. The Red Ribbons were donated by the local Mothers Against Drunk Driving Lake of the Ozarks Chapter. Community members are encouraged to tie red ribbons to vehicle antennas, driver side door handles or mirrors to show support.