DAEGU, SOUTH KOREA -- Soldiers from 84th Ordnance Company and 551st Inland Cargo Transfer Company conducted port operations with Korean Nationals at Pier 8, Busan on December 8.US Soldiers oversaw the downloading operations of equipment from the vessel, Green Lake, which arrived at Pier 8 earlier in the day.Spc. Adam T. Ricker, 551st Inland Cargo Transfer Company, cargo specialist, said, "The main objective today is getting vehicles and equipment off the ship. We [84th ORD CO and 551st ICTC Soldiers] are here to make sure that happens properly. Another unit will come at a later date to provide movement control."On this day, US Soldiers trained Korean Nationals on proper technique and assisted them on proper ground guide procedures for unloading equipment and vehicles off a vessel.After the operation, Spc. Ricker added, "It was a good hands on experience for us today to get more familiar with our job. US Soldiers and Korean Nationals, both, teach each other and learn from each other to accomplish the mission, which is the most important thing."Team 19 Soldiers will transport the equipment and vehicles brought on the MV Green Lake to various military bases throughout the peninsula at a later date.