FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- As the year winds down and the season of giving is in full swing, Fort Rucker raised more than $100,000 during this year's Combined Federal Campaign season.

With the help of countless donors and multiple organizations on post, Fort Rucker was able to raise $104,939 to help put the Southeast Tri-State Region over $1.1 million in donations for this year's campaign, according to Lt. Col. Jon Baker, U.S. Army Aeromedical Center commander and CFC Global Federal Coordinating Committee representative.

"This year's campaign was all about bringing people together," he said during a closing ceremony at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum Dec. 5. "We have come to the end of another challenging year, but despite those challenges, we are here today to recognize the success of Fort Rucker's contributions.

"It's the American spirit to be generous and kind hearted, and that spirit permeated throughout our campaign," he continued. "I'm proud of our accomplishments. We have some great volunteers who went out enthusiastically to connect the donors to these very worthy charities. As a result of these extraordinary efforts, the charities represented by the CFC program will get funding to help continue their great work throughout the year."

During the closing ceremony, organizations were recognized for their contributions throughout the campaign.

"Although we recognize a few today -- some of our heavy hitters -- they represent the generosity of spirit and dedication of all the men and women that contributed during this campaign," said Col. Shannon T. Miller, Fort Rucker garrison commander. "Not only do we get to recognize those unit coordinators who have made a tremendous difference, but today is special because it serves as a reminder of the American spirit.

"The American spirit is powerful," she said. "Our spirit can literally change the world with the generosity that we have shown during this campaign. I can think of no greater deed as Americans than to give back to our communities and to one another. We never know when we ourselves may be the ones that need a helping hand."

It's that generosity that allowed people and organizations to give so much of themselves throughout the campaign season not only in donations, but also in service through volunteerism, said Miller.

"The DOD often leads the effort in the Combined Federal Campaign because our men and women are committed to serve, and it's that commitment to serve that many of our Soldiers and civilians portray that extends beyond the realm of our service to one another," she said. "Many of our men and women choose to dedicate themselves to serving their fellow Americans by contributing to the charitable organizations or services. That is why we are here today -- to celebrate Fort Rucker's spirit of giving, recognize the hard work of those that work tirelessly, to ensure that thousands of members of our work force could be part of another successful campaign season."