COMBAT OUTPOST MEADE, Iraq - Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers presented 14 new tractors to local Sheiks from the Lutifiyah Nahia, during a ceremony held at Combat Outpost Meade March 5.

Troops from Task Force 4th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division used funds from the Commander's Emergency Response Program to purchase 14 new tractors. Each Arma Trac 602 tractor should help to cultivate an area over 25,000,000 square feet.

"When we were first asked [by the Lutifiyah council] we immediately wanted to help," said Lt. Col. Michael Mammay, from Merrimark, N.H., commander, TF 4-27 FA. "Agriculture is very important in helping this area."

Since November, the battalion leadership has worked on transporting these tractors from Turkey to the farmers who need them. Throughout the effort, the council has continued to help the Coalition forces daily in their efforts to secure a safe Iraq for everyone.

The improving security situation and decreased attacks against Coalition forces, Iraqi Security Forces and the Iraqi people has allowed the local government of the Lutifiyah Nahia to continue improving the local economy for a better quality of life. The tractors will allow the local farmers to grow crops and contribute to the stability of the Nahia.

"We won't squander the goodwill of the Americans," said Sheik Hamash, the chairman of the Lutifiyah Nahia Council. "We will use these tractors to help bring back the area to its fullest."

The Lutifiyah Nahia is a primarily agricultural land with almost all of the residents working as farmers. Previously the farmers could only work with hand-held or animal driven equipment. These 14 tractors will allow the entire area to rebuild their farmland many times faster.

"Every day we drive down the road, we can see the green returning to the area," said Mammay. "With the tractors we are providing today, we hope to see even more green return."