FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The Fort Rucker Intramural Football season came down to an epic head-to-head battle that had fans on the edges of their seats until the final seconds of play.

The 6th Military Police Detachment Centurions earned the title of post champions after a hard-fought battle with the 1st Battalion, 11th Aviation Regiment Control Freqs.

The Centurions came into the game on top and undefeated in the playoffs -- needing only to secure a single win to lock in the championship. Control Freqs gave them a run for their money, though, winning the first game, 33-14, to force a second game, but ultimately losing to the 6th MPs, 38-33.

"This is a long time coming for the MPs," said Sgt. Bennie Morris, captain for the Centurions. "They came in on the first game and they loaded up on us real bad. They hit us hard from the beginning and we couldn't come back from it, but we expected that and we had the two-game advantage on them. We just went in there (during the second game) and kept cool heads … and we got in there and focused on the game and did what we do best."

The first game started as the Centurions took possession to start, but they didn't seem to be on solid ground as they gave up an interception almost immediately, giving Control Freqs the advantage.

The 1-11th took full advantage of the gift and soon found themselves in the end zone with their first touchdown to take an early lead.

The 6th MPs came back strong on their second possession, and this time Pvt. Shawn Rogers, quarterback for the Centurions, was able to connect with his receivers to push down field, eventually getting across the opposing goal line to tie the game at 7.

At this point, both teams were full of energy and seemed evenly matched, and the Control Freqs took possession and managed to push right through the opposing defense for another touchdown to retake the lead, 13-7.

The 6th MPs matched their opponent's offense and slipped through the 1-11th's defense relatively easily to push on the opposing end zone.

Roger managed to connect another pass to get across the goal line for their second touchdown and extra point to take the lead, 14-13.

The Control Freqs wouldn't be outdone on their passing game, though, as they managed to connect two long bombs on their following possession to find themselves in the opposing end zone again to retake the lead, 20-14.

The 1-11th weren't making things easy for their opponents, as they stuck to Rogers like glue, forcing him to pass, leading to a second interception, giving up any chance of scoring again before the end of the half.

Control Freqs had possession going into the second half and turned the heat on during their possession connecting on a pass for another touchdown to secure a comfortable lead, 27-14.

The Centurions had their work cut out for them and the pressure was on as they pushed up field, but the 1-11th wasn't letting up and stayed on the 6th MPs quarterback, forcing him to throw his third interception of the game to give possession back to the Control Freqs.

They once again took full advantage of their possession, and managed to break through the opposing defense and get into the end zone again to secure a commanding lead, 33-14.

The Centurions were struggling to stay in the game with the 1-11th's defense staying strong on their quarterback, but it wouldn't deter them from pressing on and they managed to connect their passes into the opposing end zone for their first touchdown in the half, still behind 33-21.

Their last-minute rally wouldn't be enough, though, as the clock wound down giving Control Freqs the win.

Although they managed to stay alive by winning the first game, the 1-11th had to do it all over again to secure the championship. They started the second game strong, but the Centurion's defense kept it tight and managed to force an early turnover.

The 6th MPs followed up with a 30-yard run by Rogers to get past the opposing 50-yard line and push toward the end zone. Rogers seemed to have gotten his mojo back and was able to connect with his receivers to secure the first touchdown of the game to take the lead, 7-0.

Control Freqs took possession determined to stay in the game, but threw an interception, giving possession back to the Centurions.

The 1-11th returned the favor with an interception of their own and then retook possession to try and get back in the game, and did just that with a running play for a touchdown but no extra point to trail, 7-6.

The Centurions came back and managed to push through the opposing defense with their aggressive offense to run in for another touchdown to lead again, 13-6.

The Control Freqs matched the 6th MPs pace and managed to slip through their opponent's defense for another touchdown to tie the game, 13-13.

Neither team was going down without a fight, as the two teams traded touchdown for touchdown, but it would be the Centurions who would end up on top as the clock wound down, managing to take the lead, 38-33, with seconds remaining.

Control Freqs had possession in the final seconds, but pushed too aggressively and threw another interception that ended the game, sealing the championship for the Centurions.