The following is a description of the eight directorates within the Headquarters, Department of the Army, G-4.

G-43 - Operations and Logistics Readiness Directorate

Synchronize Department of the Army sustainment planning efforts, policies, and programs in support of current Army logistics operations, contingency operations, equipment lifecycle sustainment, and readiness reporting and analysis

G-44(D) - Force Projection and Distribution Directorate

Develop sound policies and processes for Army deployment, redeployment, and distribution by influencing lift providers and policymakers in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, and U.S. Transportation Command

G-44(M) - Maintenance Directorate

Enhance logistics readiness by providing integrated maintenance policy and programs to maintain a ready Army

G-44(S) - Supply Directorate

Provide Headquarters, Department of the Army policy, programming, and oversight of the Army supply system; covering beans to bullets to boots

G-45/7 - Strategy and Integration Directorate

Direct G-4 strategic planning; provide combat service support force integration guidance, data, and analysis to meet force structure requirements; lead G-4 Title 10 and Joint exercise participation; review Joint and Multinational concepts and doctrine; shape Joint and Multinational logistics

G-46 - Chief Information Office

Provide Headquarters, Department of the Army governance, policy, and investment strategy for Army logistics automation systems to support full spectrum operations

G-48 - Resource Integration Directorate

Manage the Sustainment Program Evaluation Group and integrate logistics resources across the Army

Logistics Innovation Agency

Provide innovative capabilities and solutions for future logistics