NORTH FORT HOOD, Texas - The 4th Battalion, 393rd Regiment Medical Training Task Force supports mobilizing units by providing expert medical training and real world scenarios here. The training for the current iteration, Soldiers from the 583rd Medical Logistics Company, is centered on supporting a unit in need of a resupply."Right now the training entails supplying Class VIII medical supplies for the 21st Combat Support Hospital," said Fritz. "Class VIII is anywhere from Band-Aids, bandages, tourniquets, to shots and medications."The MTTF must ensure they provide thorough training on the appropriate procedures that must be followed to lessen the risk of mistakes once the training unit is deployed."They are placing orders that the unit would actually request," said Fritz. "The worst thing that can happen is that the unit, such as the 21st CSH (Combat Support Hospital), won't get the supplies that they need to continue their operations."The MTTF conducts multiple iterations of exercises throughout the year with various components of the Army."Depending on how many Reserve or National Guard units that are coming through, we can do this training about 12 times a year," said Fritz. "Occasionally, we do it for active duty units as well, such as the 583rd right now."The training exercises make sure that units are well prepared to utilize the equipment and programs that will be in use for the missions to come in their deployment."We provide the service for active duty units, so they can get hands-on in warehouse operations," said Fritz. "Otherwise, they are just sitting in their company areas and not getting this type of opportunity. It's great to partnership and to open up our doors for units to come here and train, so we can hone in on our skills as well."By supporting Reserve and Active components the task force's purpose is better served by increasing the output of trained soldiers in this field."I think it's a very good idea that we open up and we are flexible," said Fritz. "We keep our warehouse open for those units who wish to train."