ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Illinois -- (Nov. 21, 2016) On the evening of Monday, Oct. 24, and Wednesday, Nov. 9, the installation energy managers performed a night-light survey inside and outside of the Garrison and RIA-Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center buildings.

On the "Night-Light Survey Results" document, penciled-in marks/shading on building icons represent lights found on. Click on the hyperlink (located at the bottom of this page) to see the detailed results of the survey. The energy manager used his judgement to rate each area surveyed and then sorted them from worst to the best. Ten is all lights on, and one is all lights off. The survey results found some building areas had all the lights on and many buildings were completely dark or just had the safety lighting on. There were some automatic lighting controls in buildings that were found to be in need of maintenance.

The energy manager is following up to have the automatic lighting controls repaired. However, if you know of lighting controls not working properly, please submit a service order or contact the energy manager. For those areas where the lights were found on, the energy manager is speaking with the tenants, building energy monitors, and managers. Rocky, the energy mascot, has also been on display in those areas where the lights have been found on. Please review the results and help to turn off the lights at the end of the work day.

Now is a good time to assign building energy monitors, if your building area does not have a building energy monitor, to be sure your area is doing their best to conserve energy. If you do, please sign them up on the Building Energy Monitor page at the Energy Awareness Intranet site. Click on the hyperlink (located at the bottom of this page) to access the online registration site. Contact the energy manager, Jay Richter, at 309-782-2496, to discuss the Night-Light Survey Results or assistance to register building energy monitors, or if you have any questions.