United States Army Garrison Daegu Full Scale Exercise from 31 Oct. to 3 Nov. 2016 to test its emergency response and force protection capabilities across various installations in Area IV.The Full Scale Exercise is used to evaluate the response in a high stress environment that simulates actual emergency and recovery conditions for first responders and force providers. The exercise is part of a continuing effort which allows the garrison to gauge their ability to react to and deal with acts of terrorism and accident, and thus keep the community safe.Evaluators from the IMCOM Pacific Directorate and other locations in Korea came to give another set of eyes on Garrison Response capabilities. "This event is to bring in all of our emergency responders - fire, police, EMS together and show the community how we respond to an incident of this nature", said Mark Williamson, Exercise Evaluator, U.S. Army Medical Activity -- Korea. "That builds confidence between all the people in the community."This year's exercise was a different challenge since it was held at the same time as the Korean-wide Courageous Channel Exercise which tests the theater Non-combatant Evacuation Operations Capabilities. This provided an extra challenge to the Garrison. Reduced manning and other responsibilities gave a good luck what a future contingency operation could look like.There were different scenarios that tested the Garrison. The USAG Daegu Fire Department responded to a hazmat incident at Camp George. As Camp George exposed to unknown materials, the firefighters conducted a rescue mission for the victims who were contaminated with the materials.Military Police and Criminal Investigation Command from Area IV responded to a hostage situation at the Camp Walker Clothing Sales Store on 2 Nov. 2016. As two unknown individuals who were armed entered the Clothing Sales Store, shortly after, several employees and customers were held hostage. The rescue operation by Military Police and Criminal Investigation Command rescued the hostages after hours of negotiation. These are example of two of the scenarios used to test the Garrison.It is important for the community to understand and practice how to calmly respond to an emergency as it is for the garrison and other emergency responders. All Soldiers, Civilians and Family members in Area IV are asked to take the exercise and reacting to it seriously -- the goal is to make our community a safer one!