USAG DAEGU -- The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command successfully executed a combined reception, staging and onward movement exercise from Busan Storage Center to Camp Humphreys with the Republic of Korea-Army's 2nd Operational Command, Nov. 15-17.

The RSO field training exercise tests ROK and US military's ability to transition personnel and equipment into operationally viable forces. The 19th ESC and 2OC employed land assets to safely transport over 40 vehicles and 60 containers by road and rail.

Personnel from various organizations supported the exercise. ROK organizations consisted of ROK Transportation Company, 2OC, First ROKA, and Korail. US organizations included 19th ESC Staff with 94th Military Police Battalion, 25th TRANS BN, 498th Combat Sustainment Support BN, 194th CSSB, 2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, 837th TRANS BN, and Materiel Support Command -- Korea.

"The RSO exercise validated Team 19's ability to facilitate the RSO operations in cooperation with different units including both ROK and US sides in times of contingency," said Capt. Theodore A. Villasenorloya, 19th ESC's 25th Transportation Battalion, 517th Movement Control Team Commander.

On the first day of the exercise, unit equipment and containers were prepositioned in the port of Busan, Pier 8, to simulate arriving equipment via strategic air and vessel in the reception phase.
On the second day, all the equipment was staged at the main Central Receiving and Shipping Point Yard at the BSC and Pier 8. Two Humvees, one Light Medium Tactical Vehicle with a trailer, and 12 containers were transported straight to Camp Humphreys by rail from Pier 8.

"It was everybody's motivation and cooperation that enabled us to carry out what have been planned. The fact that it has been done in a combined effort is meaningful," said Cpt. Villasenorloya.
During the onward movement on the last day, one serial with 16 vehicles departed from the BSC to stop by at Camp Carroll by road to participate in a decontamination exercise. The decontamination exercise validated 19th ESC's ability to successfully remove chemical and biological agents from equipment and personnel.

The other two serials with ROK and US vehicles went straight from the BSC to the Tactical Assembly Area, Wonju, where they met with arriving personnel assigned to that equipment. Following, they moved to their final destination, Camp Humphreys.

"The exercise was a success because both ROK and US forces were on the same page and in a very close coordination during the planning and execution," said 19th ESC's Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear officer, Capt. Veronica Neeley.

"Since there are very few chances in which we can practice for future contingencies, each RSO exercise is an opportunity for 19th ESC to strengthen its readiness in a combined operation in a realistic setting," said Neeley.

The 19th ESC will now review the lessons learned from this exercise to further reinforce the working procedures and moderate operational difficulties working with ROK forces for future exercises.