FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The 2016 Fort Rucker Intramural Football Playoffs are in full swing and two teams battled it out for a spot in the final game, but only one managed to secure that spot.

The 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment Monstars took on the 6th Military Police Detachment Centurions in a bout that had fortune on the Monstars side for most of the game, but the Centurions managed to come back from behind and lock their place in the championship game, edging out the win, 33-28.

For most of the game, both teams were evenly matched and both team's defenses were lacking, but the 6th MPs were able to tighten their defense up in the end with a game-changing interception to turn things around.

"It was slow on both ends and there wasn't much defense since both of us gave up about 30 points a piece, but they were a tough team," said Sgt. Bennie Morris, captain for the Centurions. "They gave us our (loss) earlier in the season but I think, I hope, we figured them out. We might see them again in the championship."

The game started with Monstars taking possession, and they were off to an impressive start with a string of successful plays and a complete pass into the opposing end zone for their first touchdown and extra point within seconds of their possession.

The Centurions took possession and pushed hard against their opponents, and although they were able to push up field, their stride wasn't coming as easily as the Monstars, who managed to keep the 6th MPs from a hasty advance.

Although their advance wasn't quick, slow and steady was winning the race as they managed to inch toward the goal line before Pvt. Shawn Rogers, Centurions quarterback, saw a hole in the Monstars' defense and made a break for it, securing a touchdown to tie the game, 7-7.

The 1-145th came back strong on their possession, though, and pushed through the Centurions' defense just as quickly as their first possession, and were able to run in for their second touchdown to retake the lead, 14-7.

The Monstars' defense was doing everything they could to stay on Rogers, but try as they might, they couldn't keep him from connecting with his receivers to get the ball in the opposing end zone to tie up the game once again with just 2 minutes remaining in the half.

The 1-145th took possession determined to retake the lead before the end of the half, and they managed to do just that after a hard fight against the opposing defense. But the result was well worth the effort as they secured their third touchdown to retake the lead, 21-14.

With only seconds remaining in the half, the Centurions managed to pull out a surprise with a long bomb by Rogers with no time left on clock that managed to connect with his receiver for the touchdown. They didn't manage to get the extra point, though, and trailed their opponent's going into the second half, 21-20.

The 6th MPs received to start the half, so they were in the perfect position to take the lead, and they took full advantage of it and were able to push against their opponents to secure another touchdown and extra point to take the lead for the first time in the game, 27-21.

Monstars came back on their possession strong as they pushed downfield toward the opposing goal line, and managed to run in for another touchdown and extra point to retake their slim lead, 28-27.

Not to be outdone, the Centurions were able to get through the gaps in their opponent's defense to make it into their end zone to once again lead their opponents, 33-28.

Both teams seemed evenly matched at this point as Monstars took possession, but in their push to get back in the lead, the 6th MPs managed to pick off a pass at the 2-minute warning to give them a chance to hold onto their lead.

Hold on is just what they did as they maintained possession and ran out the clock to seal the win and their spot in the championship game.