SSG Reveles, Richard F.

Organization: HHC, USAG-Red Cloud

Job Description: Training NCO for HHC USAG-Red Cloud, 3rd Platoon Sergeant, NEO Coordinator for USAG Area 1.

Time in Service: 5.5 yrs

Recent Accomplishments: Achieved commendable ratings in IMCOM-K Command Inspections in both NEO Operations and Training, two completely separate jobs. SSG Reveles managed and controlled both of them leading up to the time for inspection, achieving, surpassing and setting new standards. SSG Reveles' achievements in these areas demonstrated the high standards of USAG-Red Cloud to the higher command. As NEO coordinator, SSG Reveles over saw NEO operations involving 17 NEO Wardens and 130 families. As a Training NCO SSG Reveles oversaw the training requirements and needs of 57 Soldiers, achieving 100 percent fully trained on all required tasks. As 3rd Platoon Sergeant, SSG Reveles is responsible for the safety and welfare of 11 KATUSA soldiers who work in Stanley CIF detached from the main company. SSG Reveles frequently sacrifice his own time making trips to Camp Stanley to ensure that his soldiers there were taken care of. SSG Reveles trained and mentored the USAG-Red Cloud Soldier of the Quarter for first quarter, preparing and guiding him for his entire time at his first duty station.

SSG Reveles' leadership motto is 'Support First". Making sure that things that need to get done get done correctly and on time is how he approaches every day. He feels that is really sums up everything we need to do as Soldiers and NCOs to support each other and support the mission.