When an older lady asked Lisa McKnight whether she could recycle her husband's old teeth during America Recycles Day, she didn't hesitate with a yes."In my head I was thinking 'huh?'" she said. "This has got to be one of the weirdest things someone has ever recycled."Inside of the small wrinkled white paper bag the lady handed her for recycling, there were six pairs of dental molds smiling up at her.McKnight said she wasn't sure how they would be recycled.But, as the Solid Waste Program manager for Fort Jackson, she'd figure it out."I'm going to call around and see who'll take them. I'm going to start with DENTAC because I know they'll know," she said.Fort Jackson celebrated America Recycles Day Tuesday.This day is dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.Currently the recycling rate for America is at about 36 percent, according to the America Environmental Protection Agency."Recycling particularly helps us here at Fort Jackson because everything that we recycle goes right back into the installation," said McKnight. "With all the money we get back from recycling we are able to use to better our installation."Fort Jackson celebrated recycling day by also providing a shredding service. Members of the Fort Jackson community had an opportunity to bring their confidential files to be properly dispose of."We deal with a lot of sensitive information here on post," said recycling center business manager Ernest Dicks. "Four times a year we make it easier for people to not have to worry if they destroyed their information properly."