FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- As the 2016 Fort Rucker Intramural Football Season comes to a close, two teams battled it out on the field to increase their chances of making it in the playoffs.

The 1st Battalion, 14th Aviation Regiment Headhunters took on the D Company, 1st Bn., 145th Avn. Regt. Monstars at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center football field Nov. 8, but Monstars would come out on top, 40-13, as they dominated their opponents for most of the game.

"It was a really good game," said 2nd Lt. Scott Steger, Monstars team captain. "Our offense was really good and we scored on every possession, and this was our last game before the playoffs … it was good to get a pretty big win. We're going into the winners bracket, so this was a good momentum booster on our way into the playoffs."

The D Co. team had superior passing ability and just a stronger offense overall that allowed them to dominate throughout most of the game, but in the final minutes of the game, the Headhunters made it clear they weren't going out without a fight.

The Monstars received at the kickoff and got off to a decent start with a short return, and they managed to slip through the opposing defense to get within yards of the goal line within minutes.

The Headhunters were unable to stay on the D Co.'s quarterback, allowing him to make run after run for 1st downs, eventually able to get into the opposing end zone for their first touchdown to lead 7-0.

The 1-14th were having some trouble getting through the opposing defense, who managed to bring them to a 4th down without much headway, but the 1-14th quarterback managed to connect with his receiver to get 1st and goal for their chance to get on the scoreboard.

The Monstars weren't having it, though, and managed to hold them off and force the turnover.

They took there possession and pushed hard against their opponents, and once again the D Co.'s quarterback was able to slip through the opposing defense, managing a 20-yard run into the end zone for their second touchdown to extend their lead, 13-0.

The Headhunters had another chance to get back on the scoreboard, but the Monstars' defense proved too strong, managing to pick off an interception to run in for their third touchdown with minutes remaining in the half, leading 19-0.

Try as they might, the 1-14th still couldn't break the Monstars' defense, which forced a turnover with a minute left in the half, giving them time to extend their lead.

They took full advantage of their possession and managed a long bomb from their 20-yard line to get within 20 yards of the opposing goal line, and followed up with a string of complete passes to get within 2 yards of the goal line with seconds remaining.

Not wasting any time, D Co. managed to throw a complete pass into the opposing end zone to secure a commanding lead before the end of the half, 26-0.

Headhunters received to start the final half and they had their work cut out for them, but got off to a bad start, throwing another interception on their first play.

The Monstars used their superior passing and offensive ability to keep pushing against their opponents, and the Headhunters' inability to stay on the opposing quarterback left him open to make the plays, including another 15-yard pass to get into the opposing end zone, to further extend their lead, 33-0.

The 1-14th once again took possession determined to try and turn things around, if anything to avoid a shutout, as they aggressively pushed against their opponents and managed to get to 1st and goal, and they were able complete a pass right down the middle for their first touchdown to get on the scoreboard, 33-7.

The Monstars seemed to lose some of their momentum as the game went on, but their passing game remained strong, as they were able to connect another 20-yard pass on a fourth down for 1st and goal. The quarterback was able to give the opposing defense the slip once again to run in for another touchdown to lead, 40-7.

The Headhunters wouldn't be counted out as they continued their aggressive offense and managed another long bomb for their second touchdown within two plays of their possession, proving they wouldn't go down without a fight, but the mercy rule took effect at the 2-minute mark, sealing the win for the Monstars, 40-13.