Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention "affects readiness, which is a number one priority in the Army," said Command Sgt. Maj. Christian Carr, the senior enlisted leader of the 120th Adjutant General Battalion prior to his unit's SHARP "Amazing Race."The race began a day of activities that helped the 120th concentrate on preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault.Fifteen teams of four participants navigated a course that required them to stop at various stations to perform physical activities requiring teamwork to complete while also focusing on SHARP-related activities. Soldiers were put in situations where they would not normally find themselves during physical training that required them to think outside the box for solutions. At one station teams were required to answer questions about the SHARP program, and at another Soldiers were tied together and forced to navigate a course while balancing eggs on a spoon.The SHARP run is "a big deal," said Col. Michael Katona, commander of the 193rd Infantry Brigade, to the battalion, because "this battalion is a big deal. You control everything that happens on Fort Jackson. Every single Soldier that comes through Fort Jackson, that is 54 percent of our population in the Army, comes through the great 120th. That's why you guys set the example."Events like this establish a command climate where Soldiers, civilians and Family members feel safe, said the 120th commander."This is continuing education and training" on SHARP, said Lt. Col. Yvette L. Brown, 120th commander. "We have to continue to do things like this where we are a team and we are working together."