DAEGU, South Korea -- The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command actively participated as role-players in an Area IV Full Scale Exercise conducted by United States Army Garrison - Daegu from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.

The exercise aimed to improve warrior skills such as Emergency Management (EM) and Force Protection (FP). The exercise is used to evaluate first responder's response in a high stress environment. 19th ESC Soldiers oversaw security and provided role players for every event.
Five Soldiers from the 19th ESC, HHC and ten from 19th ESC's 188th Military Police Company volunteered to be the role players for this exercise.

The exercise consisted of four scenarios: aircraft crash-down, hazardous material, active shooter, and vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and explosion.

19th ESC Soldiers served as injured and/or dead from the air-crash, sick residents under evacuation, hostages, active shooters and bomb detonators. The Soldier's efforts resulted in valuable training for both the 19th ESC and USAG-Daegu.

"The 19th ESC successfully partook all the scenarios and tested the responsiveness of the responders towards various threats by becoming the role-players. Our job was important because it gives them a chance to see how they, the responders, react to dangerous situations and to practice their response as real as possible. I believe we made people aware of their role under threats," said Staff Sgt. Travias L. Shamsiddeen, 19th ESC's non-commissioned officer in charge of the role-playing.

19th ESC's 188th MP Company played a major role in the overall security of the exercise. The completed and analyzed accident reports and collaborated with the Criminal Investigation Command under threats. They controlled traffic inside the post, handcuffed the suspect during the arrest, and discussed the processes that ought to be conducted in each different situation during the exercise.
Pfc. Shania D. Stearns, an 188th MP, took part in controlling traffic and clarified 188th MP's role, saying, "Once we come to the gate, our first mission is the preservation of life and limb, making sure everybody is safe. Then we set up a cordon so that no one gets in or out of the post and establish the Traffic Control Point to reinforce the cordon."

"This kind of exercise's importance lies in its realistic situation and cooperation. In a real world setting, it gives first responders to work together with different types of agents during the emergency response. Through this exercise we can learn how to cope with actual threats when they happen in reality and how to coordinate, direct, and employ responding assets to the incident," said Sgt. 1st Class Aaron C. Mcclure, the Incident Commander of the FSE.

Team 19 and USAG successfully accomplished the exercise and will now utilize the experience to smooth out processes and improve operational difficulties to enhance readiness.