Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment accuracy and availability are a critical support component of Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas. The TMDE Activity enables Army readiness via a worldwide enterprise of support centers.

TMDE Support Center Corpus Christi is located on the depot. They directly support over 14,000 items of TMDE annually. This means that throughout a year, the center will calibrate, repair or ship more than 1,000 items monthly. Corpus Christi has a demanding mission and is considered one of the highest density labs in the world. Every piece of the over 9,000 items of TMDE assigned to the Corpus Christi is given a calibration report. This requirement, when added to the onsite and electronic calibrations, means that the support center has three specific missions that augment the largest aviation depot in the world. Their other missions include the Reserve and National Guard in the surrounding areas. Every day is zero day, and every day can result in aircraft on ground, due to the operation tempo. Through hard work and dedication, the support center has been able to meet this demand by providing same week and next week turnaround time on most items while maintaining TMDE Activity's high quality standards.

Corpus Christi Commander Col. Alan Lanceta visited the support center and praised the organization for upholding the highest level of professionalism and most importantly for the work that often goes unnoticed in such a large scale operation. The commander's appreciation and active interest in the program is a great sign of the support and dedicated partnership between the center and Corpus Christi. This has led to the depot's overwhelming success in supporting the warfighter. Lanceta's visit allowed the technicians to speak with senior leadership of the depot and also meet the people they would normally only see on a chain of command board around Corpus Christi. Lanceta had previously been briefed on the support capabilities and recent improvements at the support center. This tour gave him the opportunity to see firsthand the work performed by the technicians there.

Turnaround time represents how long it takes a support center to calibrate a given item. TMDE Support Center Corpus Christi reduced its turnaround time by 64 percent from January through July, with weekly management reports showing averages under four days.