CHIEVRES, Belgium -- Exercise, exercise, exercise! Active shooters did not have a single chance as they were stalked by USAG Benelux MP, Belgian Army and police during a combined training in Vilvoorde, Belgium, Oct. 27.It was the first time the garrison MP participated in the joint training between the local police of Zaventem and Belgian Soldiers taking about 50 participants through different scenarios."The goal is not to build a single unit but to share best practices," said Freddy Dekeyser, Chief Inspector at the local police of Zaventem.The training is meant to harmonize modus operandi of the different units and familiarize participants with each other."Overall the basics are the same, with very minor differences," said Staff Sgt. Matthew Severino, USAG Benelux Military Police Desk Sergeant. "In the end, it does not matter how the clearing of a room or building is done, so long as it is done in a dynamic and successful manner with no casualties to responding officers or Soldiers."In case an incident would happen within the garrison, the MP might have to cooperate with the local police."We count on them to lead us through the buildings," Dekeyser said. "It's easier when you know each other."During the day-long training, the units bypassed the language barrier and rotated leadership when responding to active-shooter incidents."Language was not an issue because we have hand signals," Severino said. "So long as you can point to what you want, you will be fine. In the heat of the moment, you are not concerned about what language is being spoken."