FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- As the Fort Rucker Intramural Football regular season winds down and teams gear up for the playoffs, the competition is heating up.

The 110th Aviation Brigade Headhunters took on the 6th Military Police Detachment Centurions in a game that had both teams evenly matched to start, but it would be the Centurions who would come out victorious, beating their opponents, 32-14.

Sgt. Bennie Morris, coach for Centurions, said it was his team's focus that allowed it to pull out another win.

"We've played these guys before and beat them, but this time they made some adjustments and played better as a team, but once we turned it on we were able to take them," he said.

The Centurions got off to a slow start, but managed to gradually push past the opposing defense get closer to the goal line.

Pvt. Shawn Rogers, Centurions quarterback, was on fire, able to connect with his receivers as the team pushed toward the opposing endzone.

The 6th MPs' offensive speed seemed to be too much for the Headhunters' defense, as the Centurions broke through for the first touchdown of the game to lead, 7-0.

The Headhunters got off to a good start with their first possession with a 20-yard return on the kick off. They then managed to push to within 20 yards of the end zone, but the 6th MPs managed to pick off a pass to halt the 110th's progress.

The Centurions took advantage of the turnover and pushed hard against the Headhunters, but the 110th's defense kept pressure on the Rogers, forcing him to throw away multiple passes to help them retake possession.

The Headhunters then threw a long bomb into the opposing end zone for their first touchdown, but couldn't secure the extra point, which left them trailing, 7-6, with two minutes left in the half.

The Centurions had speed on their side, but the Headhunters kept their defense tight as they continued to put pressure on the 6th MP quarterback, managing to push them to a fourth down and forcing a turnover at the 50-yard line.

Despite a strong offense, the 110th couldn't break through and were forced to punt, giving the Centurions one more chance to score before the end of the half, but despite their efforts were unable to score another touchdown before the half ended.

The Headhunters received to start the half and got off to a decent start, managing to push through the opposing defense, but their momentum wouldn't last long as the Centurions managed to pick off another pass to retake possession.

Rogers managed to get his groove back after the Headhunters defense seemed to soften, and he was able to connect with his receivers to get back into the opposing end zone for their second touchdown and extra point to push the lead to 14-6.

The Headhunters weren't going to go quietly, though. They came back with an aggressive offense to drive down the field and push past the goal line for their second touchdown.

They went for two extra points, by completing a pass from past the 10-yard line during their extra-point attempt, and managed to tie the game, 14-14, but it would be the last time the Headhunters would get on the scoreboard.

Not to be outdone, though, the Centurions kept up their quick pace and scored another touchdown within minutes of retaking possession, but failed to secure the extra point, to lead 20-14.

The Headhunters took possession determined to close in on their opponents, but the 6th MP defense tightened and kept pressure on the 110th quarterback to force a turnover with just two minutes remaining in the game.

The Centurions dominated late in the game with superior passing and managed another touchdown to take a comfortable lead, 26-14.

The Headhunters tried to turn things around, but only managed to throw another interception to give the Centurions another chance at extending their lead.

The 6th MPs took full advantage of their possession and managed another long bomb to get to 1st and goal, and although a penalty pushed them back, it wouldn't slow their progress as they managed another touchdown as the buzzer sounded, ending the game on top, 32-14.