The Fort Leonard Wood Directorate of Emergency Services hosted a Halloween-themed "Zombie Attack" Oct. 28 at the Exchange parking lot.

"The program was to give children and the community an opportunity to gain trust with their first responders, to include military and civilian police, firefighters and post security guards," said Capt. Lance Royce, Directorate of Emergency Services operations officer.

"We wanted to reach out to the community and have a fun event for them to enjoy and interact with first responders as normal people," Royce added.

The event was designed for children ages 12 and under, and was based on a created scenario where kids helped military and civilian police officers work through a maze to fight off zombie rivals.

Lt. Col. Otto Swenson, Directorate of Emergency Services director, took part in a similar event at a previous duty station and wanted to bring it to Fort Leonard Wood.

The police officers issued Nerf guns, safety glasses, and explained the rules. At the end of the maze, Fort Leonard Wood Fire Department members handed out candy.

Aubree Williams, a pre-kindergartener, and Hunter Neff, who is in the first grade, said shooting the zombies was their favorite part of the activity.

The event was made possible by several organizations working together.

DES appreciates the Army and Air Force Exchange Service allowing the "Zombie Attack" to be staged in their parking lot and for their donation of Nerf guns and candy, Royce said.

DES officials estimate a total of 475 children went through the maze, and they hope to make this an annual event.