CASEY GARRISON -Soldiers and unit representatives gathered for a briefing signifying the kick off of the Army Emergency Relief campaign Feb. 25 at the USAG-Casey mini theater.

For the past 67 years, AER, a nonprofit organization, has been helping Soldiers in times of need. It may be a Soldier who needs an emergency leave plane ride home or a family member not having enough money to cover tuition after being accepted into college.

The only way AER can provide all of these gracious acts is collecting donations from Soldiers and increasing the awareness of all Soldiers and their Families about the financial assistance available from AER.

"This organization is for Soldiers," said Chris Kiyonaga, Area 1 AER Project Officer. Soldiers donate a piece of their paycheck to help other Soldiers during financial crisis."

Donations will be accepted in the form of a check, cash, or an allotment. The cutoff date for the campaign ends May 15.