While the obligatory ghouls and goblins were haunting the Fort Jackson Fall Festival Oct. 28, there were even more super heroes and even a family of Minions to tip the scales in favor of the good guys.Lines to enter the Solomon Center for the festival wrapped around the inside of the building while inside children and their Families played in bouncy houses, and participated in many games in order to win candy and prizes. For older folks there was even a haunted house and hay rides."This is the largest crowd I have seen here," said Capt. Ryan Knott who waited in line with his two boys only to find the festival packed virtually wall-to-wall with visitors."There were 690 children at the events and 391 adults for a total number of 1,081 people," said Cindy Andre-Noel, the Fort Jackson Child Youth & School Services' outreach director, and one of the forces behind the event.Families attended the event for many reasons, but Andre-Noel surmised that celebrating Halloween safely was the main driver."I think it is because a lot of people like to go out for Halloween" and this is a safe event for Families, she said.Staff Sgt. Ryan Cooke with the U.S. Army Chaplain School said the festival was a great way for children to have fun."It's fantastic and great for the kids," he said while watching his daughter, Josslyn, playing in a bouncy house. "It's a great thing and you can see they are enjoying it."For Sgt. Kanitra Blount having a safe place for her son, Carter Alan, to go to have fun was paramount."I love it," said the human resources Soldier with Special Troops Battalion. "It is very suitable for parents especially like myself -- my husband is away at school. It is safer for us to come out here and enjoy an environment with other kids he's gone to school with."Carter was having fun she said after he tried his hand at candy corn bowling and a dinosaur station. "He's loving it," she said as Carter smiled brightly wearing a frog costume, but he wasn't ready for the hula hoop station just yet."We are just now getting walking down," she said laughing.