U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah-- Dugway launched its 2016 Combined Federal Campaign with a full house October 24 at the Community Club in English Village.CFC is the World's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign. Last year Federal employees worldwide gave more than $180 million to 20,000 local, national and international charities. Dugway's goal was $20,083, but exceeded the goal by raising $23,436.This year's campaign slogan is "Show Some Love," said Kuka Toleafoa, Dugway's Human Resource director, who will serve as the campaign's manager for a second year. "This year's goal is $21,045. There is no doubt we can do it!"Toleafoa arranged for three Utah charities, the Utah Red Cross, Continue Mission and the Fisher House to talk about the importance of services that can be provided thanks to the generous contributions CFC raises.Rayfel Bachiller of the Salt Lake City Fisher House said how much the organization appreciated the CFC. "There are no unimportant charities. Each can use a lot of love, so think about how you can help others in need," he suggested.Madeline McDonald of the Utah Red Cross echoed Bachiller's message. She said the Red Cross efforts with blood drives in Utah provide year-round benefits to four major hospitals along the Wasatch Front. She also noted the Red Cross' efforts in national and international humanitarian services.Toleafoa reminded employees when donating to ensure they include Dugway's code number of "25" or write Dugway Proving Ground on the donation form."Without this designation, Dugway will not be credited with your gift, he said.Col. Sean Kirschner, Dugway's commander, added his encouragement for the campaign."Little donations pulled together can make a huge difference. I am impressed with your generosity. You name it, there is something for everyone," he said. "Donate where your heart leads you."