U.S. Army provides $5.5 million of equipment to ISF Story and photos by Sgt. 1st. Class Naurys MarteSOUTHWEST ASIA - To support the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the 1st Theater Sustainment Command - Operational Command Post is on top of its game ensuring Iraqi security forces receive the needed advice and assistance, as well as equipment and weapons.Defeating ISIL requires a team effort from Coalition partners, who provide training, assistance, and equipment to the Iraq Train and Equip Fund. Through ITEF, the 1TSC is equipping the Iraqi security forces to disrupt ISIL operations and regain control of territory to help stabilize the region.On Sept. 20, 2016, U.S. Soldiers with the 336th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion completed a mission with Coalition partners from New Zealand and Australia to ensure the ISF have the equipment needed to train and continue the fight.The divestiture was more than U.S. $5.5 million and it consisted of weapons, shotguns, M16 rifles, radios, binoculars and other needed equipment.1st Lt. Triada Cross, executive officer with the 289th Composite Supply Company, 336th CSSB, 17th Sustainment Brigade, 1st TSC-OCP, managed a team of Soldiers of different specialties and ensured they completed the inventory divested to ISF . "The Soldiers performing the inventory do not have the specific warehouse military occupational specialty, but they have been performing outstanding work, making sure all ITEF items are accounted for prior to distribution," said Cross. After many hours of ensuring all items were accounted for and packaged for delivery, they loaded the trucks and joined a convoy with Coalition partners who also provided additional equipment for ISF and provided convoy security.The 1st TSC employs the knowledge and expertise of its tactical units to ensure the warfighters have a way to maintain the equipment and weapons provided through units such as the 300th Sustainment Brigade Detachment 2, the 17th Sustainment Brigade, and the 336th CSSB. These units also secure the warehouses with ITEF equipment and inventory all items to prepare for distribution. Moreover, these units advise and assist ISF in areas of training, maintenance and operations. "ITEF equipment has been absolutely critical in the fight against ISIL. We have provided individual on-demand equipment, vehicles, weapon systems and bridging solutions. Without this equipment and the training provided by the Coalition partners, the Iraqi Army, Peshmerga, Counter Terrorism Services, Federal Police and Border Guard would not be able to take the fight to Da'esh as effectively," said Army Reserve Warrant Officer 4 John Crane, senior accountable officer, 1st TSC-OCP."Every media clip of these forces regaining territory from Da'esh with this equipment shows that this process is working and effective," said Crane.