Service members, Soldiers and their families visited the Army Community Service (ACS) job fair, Oct. 19, looking for new opportunities at Yongsan garrison and across the peninsula.

"People are hiring," said Eric D. Burton, the ACS job fair manager. "The goal for the job fair is to get out the information to our transitioning Soldiers, retirees, dependents and families. We want to offer them opportunities for employment."

Representatives from 30 different agencies, including Army Community Service (ACS), Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS) and American Red Cross, provided information and answered questions to potential employees.

"We have all kinds of agencies here out today. We have a mix of different employers here including information technology agencies, volunteer programs, schools from off post and more," said Burton.

The fair was open to anyone who holds a DoD ID card.

"We are here today to support the Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)," said Connie Welcheck, the SFL-TAP manager. "The purpose of SFL-TAP is to assist all Soldiers making the transition to civilian life. Today, specifically, we are trying to guide them on how to be more successful when talking to vendors. Also, we look for Soldiers who have not yet started the SFL-TAP program and needs assistance."

The job fair was crowded with representatives of companies and job seekers. Each representative distributed informative pamphlets and had a question and answer time with potential employees. The prospective employees were able to receive a handful of useful information regarding jobs they were interested in.

"The job fair has given me the chance to make great contacts and meet with employers I would have not had the chance to meet with," said Lt. Col. Dennis C. McCollum Jr., Eighth Army. "In preparation for retirement, going through the Soldier for Life transition center and listening to some retirees talk about the job fair, this is one of which we retirees have an opportunity to come through. I did great networking with some of the contractors, and things are looking great," said McCollum.

The job fair was both beneficial for the representatives and the job seekers. Representatives received numerous resumes, and job seekers learned more about what their future might look like.

"This job fair has been very successful. I met with many IT job contractors and made a few contacts. The representatives also gave me counseling on where to touch up on my resume to increase my chances in getting a job," said 1st Lt. Carlos Rivera.

The job fair left both prospective employees and employers satisfied. The job fair reassured the financial readiness of service members, Soldiers and their families.

"The next job fair will be held in May 2017. We are planning to have the information out at least four months ahead of time to give more time for employers to prepare themselves with at least one job opening," said Burton.

For more information about the next job fair, please contact Eric D. Burton at 738 -- 7505 or via email