Army Reserve Warrant Officers in the Making
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FORT SHERIDAN, IL- Lt. Col. Jose Antonio Rivera, commander of the 9th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division (ARCD) recognized Lt. Col. Shane Gierstorf commander of United States Army Reserve Element European Command Joint Analysis Center (Detachment 2) , during a Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC) pinning ceremony held here, Oct. 16, for his visionary approach to fill the ranks of his unit.

Gierstorf took an active role in mentoring and recruiting seven Soldiers in his unit, challenging them to become Warrant Officers, which ultimately resulted in five board selected new warrant officer candidates for the US Army Reserve.

Showcasing Gierstoft's efforts as a great example of what leaders in the Army must do, the 9th Battalion Special Missions Team noncommissioned officer in charge, Master Sgt. Danielle Louise Harris, expressed the importance of commanders at all levels to support the Army Reserve Warrant Officer accession's objectives.

Harris, who recently assumed responsibility of her team, expressed confidence that her Officer Accessions noncommissioned officers (OANCOs) will meet the Warrant Officer Program's accessions goals for the second consecutive year.

"Our 9th Battalion Hellbenders are ready and committed to make our customers' dreams come true," said Sgt. Maj. David Robert Fairbanks, the Senior Enlisted Advisor in the battalion.

"The Army Reserve has proven assets who are already within our ranks with technical skills, experience, and leadership traits - ready to accept the challenge," added Fairbanks.

According to Rivera, the Army Reserve has a total of 875 warrant officer vacancies. Of those, there are 623 vacancies between the ranks of warrant officer and chief warrant officer two.

To cut the deficit, "it will require a team effort from commanders at all levels; our OANCOs cannot do it alone," added Rivera, while expressing his resolute determination to continue expanding professional opportunities to Soldiers.

Army Reserve Soldiers within the 9th Battalion ARCD footprint, in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri, who may be interested in a new and exciting career as warrant officer, can contact Master Sgt. Harris at 573-356-5022.