CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Oct. 19, 2016) -- U.S. Army Garrison Japan's Safety Office held its Fall-Winter Safety and Health Fair Oct. 13 at Camp Zama in Yano Gym.

Various organizations and tenant units of the installation provided information on safety and health for winter-vehicles, food storage, Halloween activities, decorating for Christmas, and many other categories.

Greg Sanches, safety manager for USAG Japan, said this semi-annual safety fair is an opportunity to bring departments together from all over Camp Zama to demonstrate "getting ready" for the winter season.

"As the winter is coming on, we wanted to make sure to talk to everybody about the cold." Said Sanchez.

In addition to a variety of information, there were a few interactive displays.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in CPR exercises facilitated by Sagamihara City Fire Department and experience an earthquake simulator courtesy of Sagamihara City Disaster Prevention Association.

Sanches said the earthquake simulator gives you a "real feel" of what an earthquake is like.

Another participant learned how to use a fire extinguisher during a simulation exercise.

"I've seen demonstrations, and I've had people talk to me about how to use one (fire extinguisher) … but I've never gotten to hold it, pull a pin and spray at a fake fire, said 1st Lt. Morgan Carter, safety fair attendee. "So I thought that was kind of cool."

Sofia Rodriguez, safety fair attendee, said the most helpful thing about the event was interacting with people and getting to know who the key person is in various offices that support safety.

For more information and tips on safety for the fall and upcoming winter season, contact the Safety Office at 046-407-4464 or DSN 263-4464.