The recycling initiative at Fort Jackson goes beyond just throwing paper and plastic inside of a blue bin."We have everything labeled so you know what goes in what bin," said assistant manager of Fort Jackson's Recycling Center, Beulah Ware. "There's a place for everything."And she's right. The recycling center at Fort Jackson doesn't have just one spot for paper, they break it down by what type of paper.If it's color paper, it might go in one bin, if it's white paper in another.The same goes for glass. There's a space for blue glass, green, brown and clear."The best thing to do before you come to the center to recycle is break everything down into sections so it's easier when you get here to sort things out," said Ware.Civilian and unit recycling are currently sorted out separately. Ware says that makes things easier."The units have a space in the back of the building where they can come and sort out their stuff and the civilians and retirees have a space in the front where they can recycle their stuff," said Ware.Some of the items the Recycling Center accepts are : n Cardboard -- includes corrugated cardboard, brown or white boxboard, and brown paper (ex. brown envelopes and brown paper bags). n Newspapers -- includes newspaper inserts. n Magazines -- less than 1 inch thick. n Glass -- includes glass food and drink containers. n Steel -- includes steel cans, steel lids, and other steel items. n Scrap Metal -- this includes non-government items such as scrap washing machines, dryers, file cabinets microwave ovens, office trash cans, desks, chairs, tools, refrigerators with Freon removed, pipes, signs, etc. n Plastic buckets -- includes 5-gallon buckets or pails in good condition.For more information on the recycling program at Fort Jackson call 803-751-4208.