PENTAGON - October is Energy Action Month. This year's theme is "Building Resiliency to Enhance Readiness." Resilience is essential for a responsive Army Force posture and an effective network of installations and capabilities at home and abroad. Maintaining our tactical and strategic edge heavily depends upon the wise use of natural resources.

The Energy Security and Sustainability (ES2) Strategy characterizes the critical role of energy, water, and land resources as mission enablers. The five ES2 Strategy goals shape our energy efforts:

1. Inform Decisions-The wise use of energy improves mission effectiveness, preserves future choice, and is the responsibility of every Soldier and Civilian. We are incorporating energy perspectives into our plans and processes, educating and training our Soldiers and employees, and leading by example.

2. Optimize Use-The Army community must optimize the use of resources by decreasing demand and increasing efficiency. Due to the Army's dedication and hard work, we are leading the Federal Government in the use of Energy Savings Performance Contracts-the innovation and funding from the private sector-to reduce energy consumption and increase facility energy resilience.

3. Assure Access-We must continue to ensure that mission essential and supporting assets are available and secure by pursuing options to diversify and expand resource supplies, by maximizing flexibility in system design and use, and by reducing vulnerability and risk.

4. Build Resiliency- We are enhancing energy security through implementation of large-scale renewable projects and improving the cybersecurity of these assets. The ability to respond to unforeseen disruptions and quickly recover is crucial.

5. Drive Innovation-We commit to continually seeking out technological and doctrinal innovations, striving to link innovations to effective resource use to maximize our capabilities. Every day our scientists, engineers, and planners are using their expertise to improve Army operational effectiveness and develop sustainable, resilient solutions.

During the month of October, each Soldier, Civilian, and Family member can contribute to these goals and ensure we safeguard sustainability and increase resiliency at home and on the battlefield. Renew your commitment to energy security. This will help build our resiliency and enhance our readiness.


Hon. Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy & Environment

Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham, assistant chief of staff for Installation management

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