ARLINGTON, Va. (October 7, 2016) -- The U.S. Army Recruiting Command headquarters team of Fort Knox, Kentucky, was named the 2016 BOSSfit competition winner in the garrison category and received a $25,000 check signed by the Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey during their Friday visit to the Pentagon.Among the 10-person team, two members were also recognized for winning the individual category competition. The members are Master Sgt. Anthony Scott in first place and Sgt. 1st Class Cedric Morgan in second place.BOSSfit is an Army-wide, 60-day competition ran by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command's Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program. According to the competition guidebook, BOSSfit is intended to "stimulate a healthy lifestyle among single Soldiers by increasing fitness through physical activity, proper amount of sleep and good nutrition habits."Sixty nine teams entered the competition, and participants were provided fitness bands to track steps in support of the Performance Triad, said Sgt. Jeffery Lopez, Department of the Army BOSS representative."The USAREC team averaged about 45,000 steps per day, per person. That came out to about 2.1 million steps and 11,000 miles in 60 days," said Sgt. Maj. Michael Hatfield of IMCOM's G9 Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Directorate."In addition to the Soldiers having to do the daily steps, we also required them to submit a weekly video on some of the Army issues. This allowed the SMA to directly hear the Soldiers' voice on issues affecting the Army."Team members credited their win by being creative in meeting their daily step count goal despite the challenges of working in a headquarters environment, according to Sgt. 1st Class Maurice Sydnor, the BOSS president for USAREC.Team members such as Morgan, the competition's second place winner in the individual category, found ways to be constantly moving outside of his regular workout routine."You can set up your fitness band to count everything such as push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, bench presses, jump roping and squats," said Morgan. "Another trick was marching in place at my desk. If you march in place for two and a half hours, you can get almost 20,000 steps in [per day]."Sydnor added that the prize money will go toward funding fitness-related activities at different recruiting centers across USAREC."One course of action for the prize money is to allocate funds to the battalions and brigades for the single Soldiers. They can use the money for programs related to BOSS such as community service, quality of life, and recreation and leisure," he said."Another avenue for the money is to use it for a life skills event. Life skills is a big push for the Army to allow Soldiers to build resiliency. The Soldiers also may want to purchase fitness equipment and supplies for the recruiting centers."During their Pentagon visit, the team received their check at the SMA's office. He spoke to the team about the importance of physical fitness and how it tied into Soldier readiness and leadership. "Physical fitness is an investment in your life. You guys inspire me," said Dailey.U.S. Army Installation Management Command also named Fort Drum, New York, and Fort Detrick, Maryland, as the second and third place winners, respectively, in the competition's garrison category. Spc. Eva Sapp, of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, came in third place for the individual category.