Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness is a U.S. Army program designed to build resilience and enhance performance of the Total Army -- Soldiers, Family members and Army civilians -- by providing training and self-development tools needed to better cope with adversity, build resilience and optimize performance.

The program is dedicated to overall health, as it supports development in the five dimensions of strength: social, emotional, Family, spiritual and physical. CSF2 is an integral part of the Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign, a campaign that promotes personal readiness and optimized human performance.

Research has not only shown that resilience and performance enhancement can be taught, but also that ready and resilient Soldiers, Family members and civilians perform better, which ultimately results in improved unit and mission readiness.

Additionally, CSF2 provides Soldiers, Family members and civilians with the tools they need to be successful.

Components of CSF2 include the Global Assessment Tool and ArmyFit, which not only serve as a self-development platform that provides tailored tools and resources to support personal improvement, but allow Soldiers, Family members and civilians to confidentially assess their physical and psychological strength based on the five dimensions of strength.

Finally, CSF2 Training Centers are postured to help healthy people stay healthy and to help high performers perform higher, more often while facing challenges common to Army life.

The Fort Leonard Wood CSF2-TC is dedicated to teaching Soldiers, Family members and civilians the mental and emotional skills needed to strengthen their minds and perform at their best when it matters most: in combat, healing after an injury, managing work and home life and in all performance-based activities.

Fort Leonard Wood's training center helps people reach their full potential. FLW's CSF2-TC helps keep the Army strong. FLW's CSF2-TC helps America's best get better.

Contact the FLW CSF2-TC at 573.563.4208 for more information.

More detailed information can be found online at

(Editor's note: Article provided by Angela Glynn, Culture of Health Campaign action officer.)