BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - Our Army is well diverse and multi-cultured throughout. Within the ranks we recognize and celebrate many beliefs shared by soldiers. Chaplain CPT Daniel Goldman with 766th Motor Transportation Battalion out of South Bend, IN held service for Rosh Hashanah for soldiers who celebrate the Jewish New Year at Bagram Airfield, October 2nd to October 4th.He provided words of inspiration to bring meaning to the New Year, and conducted the blowing of the Shofar (ram's horn).The Shofar is blown at four occasions in the prayers on Rosh Hashanah and declares that the Lord God is the King of the universe.Rabbi Goldman said it also signifies that it is time to wake up and repent. More than ten service members on BAF participated in the events conducted during Rosh Hashanah."I was really glad to have the opportunity to attend services for Rosh Hashanah," said Army, 1LT Ella Peterson, 42nd Clearance Company, 19th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Knox, KY.The Denver, Co., native said it was nice to connect with other Jewish service members and have a little bit of home brought to us here (BAF)."Though it has been challenging to be Jewish and in the military, services like this have been really helpful in making me feel more connected to the Jewish community," concluded Peterson.Rabbi Daniels said be proud of who you are, make the effort to be comfortable for who you are, and go with the natural flow of things he concluded.