1. October marks the 13th annual observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each year we improve our cyber defense through increased threat awareness and organizational and individual protection measures. Cyber threats are real and constant. I direct you to reinforce good cyber practices and be steadfast on the following:a) Ensure cyber awareness is not just an annual activity. We must always maintain a high level of security and enforce cybersecurity policies when violations occur. � b) Recognize and report suspicious scams which could potentially steal information or upload malicious software onto the network. Be wary of unsolicited phone calls, visits, and unknown links in email messages. � c) Safeguard Soldiers and Families at homes and while traveling. Be smart about Operations Security and protection of personally identifiable information.2. As part of our observance, leaders at all levels should cover Army Families and Family Readiness Groups under our cybersecurity umbrella. They are vital members of the Army community and play a critical role in protecting information from our adversaries.3. The Stop, Think, Connect is a campaign to help individuals, teachers, leaders, and families stay cyber safe at home, school, and in the workplace. Resources can be found at www.stcguide.com and www.ready.gov/cyber-attack.4. All commanders must take cyber threats seriously and use October as a way to increase awareness to safeguard Army systems, Army Families and our National Security.�Arctic Tough!BRYAN R. OWENS Major General, USA Commanding