FORT BENNING, Ga., (Oct. 5, 2016) -- Framed by a pirate ship, Stowers Elementary School held its annual Scholastic Book fair Sept. 27-30.

"It is a fundraiser for us," said Debbie Parks, the school's principal. "The profits can be turned into activities for the students to do, such as special assemblies. Overall, it just benefits the students in their learning."

According to the Parks, over $3,500 had been raised at the Scholastic Book fair by the third day.

PTO members created a pirate ship to decorate the school's stage where the book fair was set up.

They worked really hard on painting it, said Parks.

Britney Delponte, a PTO member and decorations chair, was behind the design.

"The theme of the book fair is what inspired me," said Delponte. "I looked at the stage and thought 'we could use that' and make it into something great."

"We spent two and a half days working on it," added Meagan Bruce, another member of the PTO.

Candace Pettee, also a member of the PTO, ran the cash register at the book fair.

"I love volunteering at Stowers," said Pettee. "My son is a first-grader here. He loves reading. He gets upset if we miss story time at home."

Bruce revealed that the book fair corresponds with a program called Reading Counts.

"The kids inspired to read and they get to take tests and earn points," said Bruce.

The great thing about the book fair is that students can purchase books with Scholastic at the bottom and read them at home. They can then return to school and take a test on them, she added.

Fourth-graders Dominique Hamilton and Jade Pratt shopped for books together at the book fair.

"I already bought a book and a poster," said Dominique.

"I like chapter books about puppies, but I decided to buy a notebook," added Jade.

"I enjoy reading Captain Underpants and Dude Diaries," said Ji'Kwon Floyd, a fifth-grader. "'I've bought two books so far."

Jessica Chico joined her daughter, second-grader Camryn, as she shopped at the book fair.

"She loves to read," said Chico. "Mostly books that are about animals. She's using her birthday money to buy books at the book fair."