Fort Huachuca, Arizona - The Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) team wants to share updated information impacting all military Families traveling outside the continental United States (OCONUS), including Alaska and Hawaii.

All Soldiers reassigned OCONUS seeking command sponsorship must complete a Medical EFMP Overseas Screening (EFMP OSS) for all Family members travelling OCONUS at government expense. This process now also includes completion of DA Form 2792-1, SPECIAL EDUCATION/EARLY INTERVENTION SUMMARY, for all school aged children, including home-schooled students.

If Family members reside outside of Arizona or Nevada, information must now be sent to the nearest Army Medical EFMP office for completion. The Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center (RWBAHC) EFMP Office will process remote screenings for Arizona and Nevada Families residing outside of a 60-mile radius from Fort Huachuca.

Many OCONUS locations have limited access to specialized care or special education services. The OSS ensures Family member needs are identified and can be accommodated.

Soldiers completing the Online (OL) Levy or Student Levy Briefings are required to complete a DA Form 7415, EFMP Querying Sheet. The EFMP OSS instructions are provided on the OL Levy site and also provided via email or in person at the Student Levy Briefing.

Initiate the OSS process immediately following receipt of OCONUS assignment instructions. Ensure Family physicals stay current. Delays can occur if Family members require updated physical examinations, have other medical issues, or reside outside the RWBACH treatment area. There is only one medical EFMP representative to process OSS documents -- contact the RWBACH EFMP Special Needs Office at 520.533.9035 to either schedule your appointment (if Family resides in Arizona or Nevada) or drop off your reassignments-certified DA Form 5888 and Family contact information worksheet (if outside Arizona or Nevada) as soon as possible.

If you have medical related EFMP questions or need to initiate a Medical OSS, contact the RWBACH EFMP Special Needs Advisor at 520.533.9035.

You can also obtain the Medical EFMP OSS factsheet from ACS EFMP or visit the RWBACH EFMP website for information and links to related forms:

For more information about updates to this process or how ACS EFMP can assist EFMP Families transition to their next duty station, contact ACS at 520.533.2330.