New Deli
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If this had been just two weeks ago, Iyonna Stanley would have taken extra precautions to make sure she balanced the slices of meat in her hand while at the same time avoiding accidently

bumping into a co-worker.

In its old location, the deli in Fort Jackson's commissary was housed in a scanty dim corner. During its busy hours, employees resembled sardines in a can as they scurried around in the small space fulfilling people's orders.

"I had to basically dance around another person to not bumped into them," said Stanley. "Now I don't have to worry about that."

Fort Jackson's commissary opened its new deli Sept. 20. With the wide open space it now provides, Stanley doesn't have to dance; she could do cartwheels if she really wanted too.

"The old deli was too small for the demand we were getting," said store director of the commissary Bernard Ellison.

"Everything is very modern, efficient and up to date now."

The deli, now located in the front of the store, offers some new features like serving hot food, a breakfast menu, a full service bakery and additional line food items. Customers have the opportunity

to purchase party trays, promotional cakes and now even rotisserie chicken.

Ashley Virgie and Jill Brockavish, the district mangers of the commissaries in Virginia, came down to assist South Carolina District Manager Holly Tomlinson with the deli's opening.

So far, customers have given positive feedback about the new location.

This space is outstanding and a lot more open and friendlier," said Jerry Brinson, the mayor of Pierce Terrace.

Employee Gabriella Douangdara agrees with him.

"It's definitely been an adjustment getting use to this space," she said. "It's a lot brighter and bigger in here."