Pentagon--Lieutenant General (Promotable) Gustave F. Perna, the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, told a gathering of 200 G-4 employees that one of his "greatest opportunities and life experiences has been working in the Pentagon, serving our Army, and driving readiness" as he wrapped his two-year tour on the Army Staff today.Perna is heading to Huntsville, Alabama as he takes on his new role as the Commanding General, Army Materiel Command. He will replace General Dennis L. Via.During his time as the G-4, Perna has been instrumental in rebuilding expeditionary force capabilities in the logistics community as part of the Army's number one priority to improve readiness. Under his leadership, the G-4 team streamlined efforts to divest the Army's excess equipment; improved property accountability across the Army; and played a key role in the fielding of GCSS-Army, a logistics information system that is transforming how the Army handles logistics.Perna told his staff, "What I am most proud of is you, the individuals who represent the G-4 every single day." "Your total commitment made a difference for our Army."Sergeant Major Rodger Mansker, the G-4 Sergeant Major said, "Lieutenant General Perna is truly a leader of character. He has a clear vision and he acted on it. What he did in the last two years is not only helping to improve readiness for ground combat now, but will have major impacts to the future force."One of Perna's major focus areas has been to develop future Army Sustainment leaders. He mentored hundreds of Logistics Soldiers who have taken command all over the world.Before serving at the Pentagon, Perna served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and Operations at the Army Materiel Command. Prior to that he commanded the Joint Munitions Command in Rock Island, Illinois.