U.S. Army Soldiers from Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa recently conducted a 10-day NCO Leadership Training course observation with the Rwandan Defense Force at the Rwandan Military Academy, Rwanda, Sept. 9, 2016.

The course, taught by U.S. and Rwandan soldiers, was designed to give the RDF NCOs skills and confidence to lead their men professionally, promote unit cohesion, establish a chain of command and be effective in any environment.

"We are here to provide the Rwandan NCO Corps observations and insight in relation to their NCO Academy to enhance their training events," said U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Jason Krenta, 1st Battalion 124th Infantry Regiment. "They are learning similar subjects to the U.S. Army NCO Academy ranging from patrolling to [counterinsurgency] and peacekeeping operations."

The students attending the class come from different tiers of leadership.

"Students being taught in this [course] range from sergeants to warrant officers and officers," said Staff Sgt. Bryan Mulbauch, 1/124 Inf. Rgt. team member. "Together [they] enhance the trust and cohesion between their NCO Corps and Officer Corps."

The students alone were not the only ones to enhance cohesion amongst each other, as the teacher-student dynamic also had to overcome the difficulties of being from different nations and speaking different languages.

"We had to be very creative in the way we instructed or provided input to the students and instructors, due to language barriers and lack of certain resources," Mulbauch said.

In working through the language issue, Krenta said that the class and instructors were always ready to learn and receive information.