FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- More than 100 federal employees gathered at The Landing Sept. 13 to kick off Fort Rucker's Combined Federal Campaign.

Maj. Gen. William K. Gayler, Fort Rucker commanding general, marked the occasion with a few words emphasizing the importance of the campaign and expressing his appreciation for the program and the benefits it provides to those in need, said Sgt. 1st Class Myissha Tompkins, Fort Rucker installation project officer.

Tompkins echoed the general's sentiment regarding the importance of supporting CFC and, ultimately, the efforts of local charities.

"Every year, CFC partner charities depend on the caring donations of federal employees," she said. "No matter your cause or favorite charity, every dollar counts when it comes to meeting community needs through charitable services."

Several local charities were present at the kickoff event to give attendees a glimpse into what donations support, according to Tompkins.

"Having the local charities allows our diverse military, federal community awareness of the local area and what they contribute to help build and support the immediate community," she said.

Fort Rucker's CFC ends Nov. 21 and a closing ceremony will be held Dec. 5.

According to Tompkins, in its first few weeks, Fort Rucker's CFC has raised more than $3,000 in online donations to push toward the campaign's $160,000 goal.

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