FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- One Fort Rucker organization is flying high after achieving excellence by winning an Army-wide award.

The Logistics Readiness Center Supply and Services Division's Installation Property Book Office was awarded the Chief of Staff of the Army Supply Excellence Award for Level II Property Book Operations for superior performance of duty in supply excellence, according to Sara Oglesby, LRC Supply and Services Division chief.

"Winning this award, for me, brings together the entire organization," she said. "It's a good thing for the whole installation, the LRC and our division because the entire division pulled together to support this effort."

The LRC competed against the entire Army and more than 100 organizations that made it to the final level of the competition, said Valerie Belgrave, LRC property book officer.

The process started out with a recommendation by the organization. From there, the division had to provide several documents, compile a list of standard operating procedures and processes, and submit booklets that were created for to help their customers.

After providing all documentation, the organization was scored and the Top 2 at each level were recommended to compete at the Army level.

The supply and services division of the LRC was recognized for a variety of factors, said Belgrave.

"We service pretty much everybody on the installation, with the exception of MEDCOM and FORSCOM units," she said. "We maintain the accountable records of property for (Installation Management Command, the LRC and many other organizations.)"

The organization maintains nearly 80,000 items with a value of about $6.9 billion, said the property book officer.

"We maintain the fiduciary records for those items and we issue it down the line, and we break it down by each organization," she said.

Some of the accomplishments that helped the organization win the award include creating example booklets, as well as a new Property Accountability and Responsibility Class for all customers. Also, they managed to bring their customer due-out reconciliation up from a failing 81 percent to a consistent 97 percent or higher for the last six months, which was accomplished through requisitioning and reorganizing the organizations to fit the standards, said Belgrave.

"Also, we are using new tools for our customers, such as the in-brief and out-brief documents that were created," she said. "I do a lot of training now, and these tools that we use are issued out to everybody and we've heard that they're very helpful."

Although Belgrave was instrumental in helping the organization win the award, it was the collective work of the team that earned the award, she said.

"This gave us all a chance to come together," said property book officer. "I think this is a good thing, because we are providing a service to the customers and by winning this it shows that we do know what we're talking about, so this validates what we were trying to do to begin with."

From here, both Belgrave and Oglesby said they hope to be able to maintain their level of excellence to be able to serve their customers the best they can.

"We want to maintain this standard that we've established and find more innovative tools to allow us to stay on top and continue to be as good as we are today," said Belgrave.