UMATILLA CHEMICAL DEPOT, Hermiston, Ore. - Workers at the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility have safely destroyed the last of 14,246 8-inch diameter GB (sarin) nerve agent projectiles originally stockpiled at the Umatilla Chemical Depot.

The disposal facility destroyed the last sarin-filled 8-inch artillery projectile or "shell" in the Umatilla stockpile Jan. 3. The facility processed its first 8-inch GB projectile on Sept. 28, 2006.

"This dedicated team effort puts us one step closer to eliminating all GB munitions at Umatilla," said Don Barclay, Army site project manager. "We remain focused on completing that mission."

"We continue to fulfill our commitment to eliminate chemical weapons while ensuring the safety of the public and our workforce," said Doug Hamrick, Washington Group International's project general manager for UMCDF. "We are accomplishing this safely and in an environmentally compliant manner."

One more GB nerve agent disposal campaign remains at Umatilla. After a six-week equipment changeover, workers will begin destroying 155mm diameter GB artillery projectiles, which are planned to be completed by mid-2007. After that, the facility will prepare for a series of VX nerve agent munitions disposal campaigns, beginning with M55 VX rockets. After destruction of all VX munitions, the depot will dispose of mustard agent stored in bulk containers.

Since Sept. 8, 2004, when it began destroying chemical munitions, the UMCDF has disposed of more than 108,000 rockets, bombs, ton containers, and 8-inch projectiles. This comprises about 24 percent of the agent tonnage originally stockpiled at Umatilla.